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The Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation

The Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation is a federal executive authority in the transport industry, which carries out functions on elaborating state policy and normative-lawful regulation in the sphere of civil aviation, the use of airspace, sea, internal water areas, rail, road, urban and industrial electric transport, road infrastructure, organization of safety navigational hydraulic structures, transport security, registration of aircraft and traffic management in terms of organizational and legal measures to manage traffic on the roads.

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Federal Road Agency (Rosavtodor)

Federal Road Agency (Rosavtodor) is a federal executive authority, which provides public services and administers the state vehicles and roads property, including recording of motorways, and provides state services related to transport safety in this area.

Federal Road Agency is an authorized competent body in the field of roads and vehicles, which exercises the obligations arising from the international treaties signed by the Russian Federation as it pertains to providing the public services and administering public property.

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Mission of JSC GLONASS

To fulfill the national objectives of improving traffic safety and protecting the lives and preserving the health of citizens in case of traffic accidents.

To establish innovative information and navigation environment in order to increase the quality and accessibility of transportation services for the population and economyof the Russian Federation.

To develop cutting-edge services and facilities based on GLONASS technologies on domestic and foreign markets.



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