Registration 27-28 September 2017 Moscow, President Hotel

Welcome Letters

Maxim Sokolov

Maxim Sokolov
Minister of transport of the Russian Federation

Dear colleagues,

Greetings to the participants, guests and organizers of International Forum “Intelligent Transport Systems of Russia”!

The range of issues and suggestions worked out at the Forum’s annual platform facilitated the settling of the list of urgent issues, peculiarities and prospects of Intelligent Transport Systems application, as well as helped to discuss the industry’s capacity.

Nowadays, information technologies are being actively developed and their successful application promotes the development of the transportation industry and the country in the whole. It is the interplay of all means of transport, collaborative efforts of representatives of business, authorities and general public that allows fulfillment of tasks on upgrading and mass use of intelligent systems faster and on a higher quality level.

Our transportation industry needs such a tool as International Forum “Intelligent Transport Systems of Russia” to be held annually in order to set the relevant agenda and arrange fruitful communication.

I wish the participants, guests and organizers of the Forum new aims and achievements!

Igor Komarov

Igor Komarov
Director General, State Space Corporation Roscosmos

Dear Participants!

On behalf of State Space Corporation Roscosmos, I welcome you all to the 2nd International Forum “Intelligent Transport Systems of Russia.”

Growth in the market for information technologies and today’s ongoing systematic integration of intelligent systems into transport infrastructure is the result of successful endeavors in this field.

This past year has once again confirmed the importance of the GLONASS system to the goals of ensuring national security and modernizing the economy of the Russian Federation.

Despite the challenging economic environment, the GLONASS system continues to enjoy dynamic development. Measures aimed at the support and development of the GLONASS system, as well as the efficient use of navigational technologies engineered on its basis, are being implemented within the scope of the Federal Target Program “Support, Development and Use of the GLONASS System in 2012-2020”. State support for domestic navigational technologies based on the GLONASS system is laying the groundwork for further development of the Russian navigation market, including the promotion of GLONASS-based navigational technologies on the global market and assurance of the system’s competitiveness.

Development of the GLONASS system is one of the priority thrusts of Russian state policy, and pursuant to the RF Presidential Decree of 17 May 2007, Russian and foreign consumers have been given free, unlimited access to GLONASS civilian signals, while federal executive agencies and the regional authorities – irrespective of their organizational structure or legal status – have been recommended to use navigational hardware that uses GLONASS signals.

The creation of domestic navigational equipment and related systems is encouraging the attraction of significant investments – including foreign investments – into the Russian economy, as well as the creation of new jobs: something that is particularly relevant today.

I wish all participants of the 2nd International Forum “Intelligent Transport Systems of Russia” productive networking and much creative success in the pursuit of new projects.